Business-Class Hosted VoIP Phone Service


As much as we hate paper and filling out forms, the telecommunications industry is, paradoxically, mired in paper. We strive to protect and shield our valued customers from as much of this as possible. Unfortunately, for regulatory purposes we occassionally must require our customers to fill out some forms on paper, usually when a signature is required.

Once you fill out these forms, the preferred way of getting the form back to us is via email at, if you are able to scan the document. If not, simply fax the document to us at +1.317.567.6061, or hand the document to your OfficeTone Certified Reseller.

To sign one of these documents electronically, type /s/ then your name in the signature line (e.g. "/s/ John Doe"), convert the document to a PDF and email it to

LOA (Letter of Authorization) Documents

When porting numbers to OfficeTone, you will need to fill out one or both of the above forms. If you are porting in local numbers, please complete the local number form. If you are porting in any toll free numbers, please put those on the toll free template above.

For either document, please be sure to list the address that is on file with your current carrier for the numbers being ported. Usually this will be the address where the numbers are currently installed. Sometimes this will be the billing address. Please contact OfficeTone at if you have any questions here.

Credit Card Authorization Documents

Per our agreements with credit card processors, we are required to obtain your permission in writing to charge your credit card for recurring service charges. This form simply allows us to setup automatic payment for your account. You can revoke this authorization at any time by contacting OfficeTone.