Business-Class Hosted VoIP Phone Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many inbound / outbound calls will we be able to handle?

As many as you need. We do not limit call paths for reasonable use on our hosted products.

Q: Can the operator extension receive and hold multiple simultaneous inbound calls?

Certainly. The operator can then dispatch with the calls using our blind and attended transfer features.

Q: Do we need to pay a vendor for a reprogramming charge when we need changes made?

No. With OfficeTone, there are never any fees for moves, adds, or changes to call routing, autoattendants, or voicemail.

Q: What will our caller ID show when we make a call?

We use your main listed number as the outbound caller ID. We can also set your 800 number as your caller ID if you desire.

Q: Can we have inbound calls ring to multiple extensions simultaneously?

Yes, calls can ring to all, some, or none of your extensions before going to your auto attendant or voicemail.

Q: Can we pick up inbound calls at any non-ringing extension?

Yes, you can configure multiple pickup groups for your office.

Q: Can I have my voicemail messages delivered to my email box?

Yes, we support forwarding your voicemail messages directly to your email. We can also provide pager notification when a voicemail message is received.

Q: Does your service offer a dial by name directory?

Yes. Callers can be directed to the correct extension in your office by entering the first three letters of a person's last name. The dial by name directory can be made available in your auto attendant, as well as through the voicemail system.

Q: Can we put phones at remote locations and have them work just as though they were in our office?

Yes. Your phones will work from almost anywhere. Before inclement weather strikes, many of our customers simply have all of their employees take their phones home so that business can continue as usual.