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OfficeTone IP Network Settlement-Free Peering Policy & Terms

OfficeTone, LLC ("OfficeTone") will consider interconnecting its IP network with other Internet providers on a settlement-free basis when such a "peering" of networks would provide advantages to OfficeTone customers or OfficeTone's established partners. Some advantages that might accrue to you by direct peering to OfficeTone include reduced dependence on transit providers and access to OfficeTone's Quality of Service DSCP packet markings.

This policy outlines the terms under which OfficeTone will accept and operate a peering relationship. The terms described in this document represent a binding agreement. By entering into or continuing a peering relationship with OfficeTone, you are agreeing to these terms.

Peering with OfficeTone

OfficeTone considers each request for peering on an individual case basis, and may approve or deny any request based on a number of business and technical factors. In general, we're likely to accept a peering request when the resulting interconnection would result in enhanced service to a substantial number of OfficeTone voice customers.


To peer with OfficeTone, you must meet us at one of our Points of Presence (POPs). If you qualify for peering, you can obtain a list of our current POPs by emailing If the facility has a "meet me" room, you may be able to connect to us there. Otherwise, you'll need to arrange with us for you to run a cross-connect into our space.

Operational Requirements and Procedures

Once a peering relationship has been established, OfficeTone will provide you with a list of emergency contacts, and you will provide us with a list of your organization's emergency contacts.

Routing Requirements

You may not direct a route of last resort (a default route) at OfficeTone, and OfficeTone likewise will not direct such a route at your network.

In no case will you send traffic over the interconnection that you would not have otherwise transmitted over the public internet.

The specific routes to be used between your network and the OfficeTone network will be agreed upon in advance of peering by you and us.

General Terms

Each party will bear its own costs. The peering arrangement is completely "at will." Either you or OfficeTone may elect to discontinue the peering relationship at any time, and to stop sending and accepting traffic across the interconnection (to "depeer").

While OfficeTone will endeavor to avoid an unexpected depeering, and anticipates that you will do the same to preserve our mutual interest in network stability and a cordial business relationship between us, neither party will be liable to the other for such a depeering, or for any other event related to the peering, whether temporary or permanent, intentional or inadvertent.

Each party accepts that its sole and exclusive remedy under the peering arrangement for any harm or hardship whatsoever is to depeer.

Neither party makes any warranties regarding the peering, express or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Under no theory of liability will either party be liable for special or consequential damages.

The terms for the peering outlined in this document represent the complete and entire agreement between the parties with regard to all issues of peering and depeering, and supersede all prior communication between the parties.

The terms of this agreement are fully severable. The agreement shall remain in force even if one or more terms are held to be invalid. An arbitrator should replace any invalid term with a valid term that gives an effect as close as possible to the invalid term.

Under no circumstance may you transfer or assign your peering relationship with OfficeTone to a third party.

We do not anticipate that there will be any claims or disputes regarding the peering, as either party may discontinue the peering at any time, and both parties agree that in no case shall the other be liable with regard to peering or depeering events. Nonetheless, should any disputes or claims arise, both parties agree that the claim or dispute will be submitted to final, binding arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association.

All communications regarding peering with OfficeTone should be sent to