Business-Class Hosted VoIP Phone Service

Polycom IP Phones

A phone for every user.

  • Polycom IP 650
    The perfect phone for an executive and for users who need to handle a high call volume.
  • Polycom IP 601
    This phone is a common choice for receptionists and secretaries.
  • Polycom IP 550
    A nice option for managers and executives, this phone has four line keys and a backlit display.
  • Polycom IP 501
    A true workhorse for all but the most demanding users. This is very simply the best phone under $200.
  • Polycom IP 4000
    An extraordinary conferencing experience.
  • Polycom IP 430
    The right phone for many office workers.
  • Polycom IP 330
    A great phone for cubicles and common areas.
  • Polycom Communicator C100
    A revolutionary way to make phone calls from your laptop.