Business-Class Hosted VoIP Phone Service

OfficeTone Business Connect VoIP

The right call for the forward-looking business-owner

What is hosted VoIP and what would make this the right choice for me?

It's easy. OfficeTone Hosted VoIP allows anyone to act and sound like a big business on a small business budget.

For less than you would pay for normal phone lines, you can get all of the benefits of voicemail delivered to your email box, a professional auto attendant that gives callers confidence in your business, and caller ID displayed on every phone so you know exactly when to pick up the call.

And that is just the beginning. With OfficeTone, you'll find that you now have the freedom to work from anywhere without losing an ounce of productivity. Picture it: you answer an incoming call at your home office, then transfer the call to your partner on his mobile phone. Or maybe you conference him in. Small things can make a big difference to the person at the other end of the call. The illusion that your employees and partners are all working under one roof at your corporate headquarters remains unbroken.

Dodge the phone system bullet

Too many people have been stung by the pain of buying a phone system. Just listen to Bill's painful story. Bill is fictional, of course, but the pain of a phone system purchase is all too real. Traditional phone systems come with a huge upfront bill, and whether you deplete your capital to make the purchase, or dig into lines of credit, the result is always the same: you and your business become encumbered for years by an outdated, depreciating box hanging on your wall.

Don't let it happen to you. At OfficeTone, we've made it our mission to save as many businesses as possible, and their owners, from the sting of buying a traditional phone system.

With OfficeTone, you benefit from a low upfront cost and no ongoing commitments. Our customers have each saved thousands of dollars in upfront costs by using OfficeTone instead of hardware-based solutions. Many of our customers had resigned themselves to spending 10x to 30x more in upfront charges to phone system vendors, support contractors, long-distance providers, and the local phone company before they discovered the OfficeTone solution.

The OfficeTone Solution

Pay less, get more. You deserve it, and we guarantee it with the OfficeTone Promise: use our service for 90 days, and if you aren't 100% happy, we'll refund all your service and setup charges, no questions asked. We don't want your money unless you are thrilled to be an OfficeTone customer.

There is absolutely no risk. Get started with OfficeTone today by calling 800-970-0175, or send an email to